#PRO Resolution 2021 Boys Recap

’21 Devin Pope (Cross Creek): Listed as 6’2”, however, Pope plays a lot bigger than his size. Easily one of the most athletic kids at #Resolution, Pope can get to the rim quickly and finish over taller/bigger defenders. He consistently attacked the rim (with a few highlight dunks) and showed the ability to knockdown perimeter jumpers. On defensive end, Pope was active and very engaged. Immediately picking up his man full court and forcing turnovers. Coming off a senior that ended with a state championship, Pope is another #UnsignedSenior that could impact a collegiate program from day 1.

’22 Izaiyah Nelson (Marietta): Nelson is a very long, athletic post that plays with a certain edge and toughness. Quick enough to defend wings and forwards, Nelson is also a great rim protector, making him quite the versatile defender college coaches love. Recently, earning an offer from Voorhees College, the athletic post’s stock will continue to rise over the next year.

21 Dylan Bennifield (Mt.Paran): Bennifield has the entire package to be a very good collegiate point guard. After seeing him in person a few times in March, the #PRO staff is extremely high on Dylan. Being a true competitor, leader and the ultimate floor general, Bennifield brings everything to the table from a impactful point guard perspective. Also, holding a 3.8 GPA and earning a 1160 on the SAT. #UnsignedSenior that is far from “another 6’0″ guard”.

’21 Braxton Benham (Cass): Benham is another kid the #PRO staff has seen a few times this month. At this point, no other questions need to be asked… he’s the real deal. Deep range shooting, explosive athlete & excellent academics (4.0 GPA & 1050 SAT). Various D2s, NAIAs & D3s have been inquiring for quite some time. Expect an offer or two to fall here shortly. Positive energy, great teammate, standout student and a high character individual. #UnsignedSenior

22 Lorenzo Johnson (Warren County): Johnson had a few highlight dunks that had the gym shaking. Johnson is an explosive athlete and quick leaper. Not only a scoring threat when attacking the rim, Johnson can also knockdown the outside jumper, making him even more dangerous on the offensive end. Johnson loves the big moments and seems to rise to the occasion when he is challenged to do so. Expect Johnson to explode next year at Warren County.

’21 Chase Ballard (Stephenson) : One of the top players today from the camp. Ballard is a blur in the open court and demonstrated a high level court vision. The shifty PG keeps opposing defenders backpedaling and on their heels. Also, Ballard is a very good shooter that can create scoring opportunities for himself as well. However, Ballard has great speed and quickness, paired with gifted passing abilities. Currently holding an offer from East Georgia, Ballard has solidified his spot as of Georgia’s premier floor generals. Visit Chase’s #PRO Recruiting Profile Here

22 Stephen Lewis Jr (Stephenson): As impactful as he was on the offensive side, Lewis Jr was even more impactful on the defensive end. Able to consistently disrupt with his length, speed and athleticism, Lewis Jr may have been the best two-way player at #Resolution. At only 6’2″, Lewis Jr blocked countless shots off the glass and started a transition break that led to easy baskets for his teammates. Junior prospect set to explode this summer!

’22 Lukas Platauna (Woodville Tompkins): Standing, 6’3″, Lukas has all the tools to increase his value to college coaches. Elite academically, Lukas has great size and can score efficiently from every level. Lukas can shoot the deep range 3 and slash to the basket for easy points. The Savannah prospect is hearing from schools at various levels. Expect a few college coaches to become more aggressive in his recruitment, as Lukas is inching close to his senior year.

’21 Nate Jones (Carrollton): A 6’0″ southpaw who excelled at using his strength and body to overpower smaller guards and sometimes even post players on his way to the rim. He consistently hit his midrange jumper and showed the ability to extend his range beyond the arc as well. Jones is a gifted passer that showed college coaches he can be a reliable, impact guard at the collegiate level. An #UnsignedSenior that will be able to add backcourt depth at the next level.

’21 Christian Johnson (Westlake): Johnson is a smooth, BIG GUARD that has a great feel for the game and can shoot it from deep. A gifted creator that has excellent court vision and strategic when picking his spots to attack or get into a pick and roll. Presents a match-up problem for a lot guards due to his size and strength, standing 6’4″. #UnsignedSenior

’22 Eric Howard (Marietta): Howard is an explosive guard with serious leaping ability that a lot of coaches see potential in. Eric has nice size and physical enough to defend both guard positions. The #PRO staff expect Eric to take a serious leap in his development over the summer, putting him in a position to have a breakout senior season! Eric has all the tools to be a household name in the Georgia’s 2022 Class. We believe he will get there!

’22 Zion Fruster (Alexander): Another standout in the 2022 Class. Fruster was everywhere on the court today. He scored the bulk of his points in transition but showed he is able to score in a set offense as well. So athletic and versatile, he can play AND guard the 1-3. Add in his high motor… he’s a college coaches’ dream.

’21 Alex Reives (New Creation): Reives is the true definition of a floor general. Though not the tallest, available point guard on the market, Reives has a solid frame and uses his strength to win match-ups consistently, regardless of the height difference. Recently securing a State Championship, with New Creation, Reives has been in contact with quite a few schools that see his value at the next level. Visit Alex’s #PRO Movement Profile: Here

’21 Carrieun Mathis (South Paulding): 6’6″ athletic forward that can block shots, be an effective slasher, knockdown the 3 & defend multiple positions. College coaches love versatile forwards that are 6’6″+, expect Mathis to get more schools inquiring, as he has a lot to offer at the next level. #UnsignedSenior

’22 Antonio Hunt (Woodville Tompkins): An intriguing prospect that was consistent throughout the showcase. 6’4″ wing that shot the ball from deep and rarely missed. Hunt has a strong frame and the ability to play inside and out. If Hunt had a smaller defender guarding him, he’d take them down to the block and dominate. If Hunt had a bigger defender guarding him, he would stretch the floor and shoot it from deep or blow right by them. A prospect to keep your eye on in Georgia’s 2022 Class.

‘21 Donald Davis (Westlake): Intriguing prospect that plays at his own pace and rarely makes the wrong read. Davis already has a college ready build, high basketball IQ & has the ability to score in various ways. Standing 6’4″, Davis is ready to compete at the next level and impact a collegiate roster! #UnsignedSenior

’21 Kaedan Twiggs (Fannin County): 6’4″ athletic wing that had multiple dunks over defenders throughout the showcase. However, Twiggs is much more than athlete. With the ability to shoot the ball from beyond the arc & slash to the rim, Twiggs is a versatile prospect that can be used in various ways. 3.57 GPA/1060 SAT #UnsignedSenior

’21 Alpha Diallo (Collins Hill): An extremely long 6’3″ wing that using his wingspan to his advantage. Diallo is a great defender and will be able to guard 1-3 at the next level. Also, Diallo is an efficient scorer (from every level), and would be a great slasher on the wing at the next level. College coaches LOVE long, versatile athletes… Diallo fits that description! #UnsignedSenior

’21 Craig Snowden (Trinity Prep): Snowden had a great showing at #Resolution. The 6’3″ physical wing plays through contact and is very aggressive attacking the the rim. Very long, Snowden is excellent at using his length, on the defensive end, to disrupt offenses and create turnovers that lead to transition opportunities. #UnsignedSenior with a bright future at the next level.

’21 Jens Rueckert Jr (South Cobb): Rueckert JR is an explosive athlete that lives above the rim. Excellent in transition, often finishing with powerful dunks, Rueckert JR is a prospect that could help a lot of collegiate programs on the wing. Standing 6’4″, he has the athleticism, length and toughness to be productive at the next level.

’21 Kai Simmons (St.Francis): 6’8” post that has a nice, soft touch around the rim. Simmons also has the ability to knock down the 15-18ft jumper consistently. He was very active on the boards and created multiple second chance opportunities for his team. On the defensive end, he uses his size and length to either block or alter shots in the paint. An #UnsignedSenior, with nice size, looking for his opportunity at the next level!

’21 Ronnie Striggles (Butler): Extremely quick and shifty with the basketball. Staying in front of Striggles is a tough task. Striggles is excellent in transition and creates opportunities for his teammates with ease. However, the #PRO staff loved the energy Striggles brought to the defensive end of the court. He was very active and competes with a high motor! #UnsignedSenior

’22 Nick Chambless (Terrell Academy): South Georgia prospect that showed elite shooting ability and the skill set to create off the dribble. Nick is a legit 6’2″ and plays with high energy on both sides of the court. Coming from a small school in South Georgia, Chambless proved he can compete against some of the top talent in the state of Georgia.

’22 Elijah Wiseman (Cumberland Christian): Shifty, explosive guard that can get to the rim and finish with ease. Wiseman can score on all three levels and competes on the defensive end. The #PRO staff expect Wiseman to be a sought after prospect because of his overall skill set and intangibles he brings to the table.

’21 Cortavion Wilder (Warren County): After a breakout senior season earning 2nd Team All-Region honors, Wilder proved to be one of the top performers at #Resolution. The shifty PG can shoot the 3 ball consistently, control the tempo of the game and is an elite perimeter defender! Wilder recently earned an offer for Mid-Atlantic Christian University. Visit His #PRO Recruiting Profile: Here

’21 Shamir Wingfield (Westover): A tough South Georgia prospect that can score at a high level and is an elite perimeter defender. Wingfield is a smooth southpaw with an impressive mid-range game, that can also shoot the ball from beyond the arc. Wingfield is an aggressive driver that can consistently finish through contact. One of the top players out of South GA that led Westover to a Final Four appearance this season.