Tomaz Jordan

Tomaz Jordan

Narrative Summary:

Tomaz Jordan is one of the most well-rounded players in his region and consistently gets better each season. As one of Bowdon’s captains, he has lead the team for the past 3 seasons at the point guard position. After this past season, Tomaz earned the “Life Saver” award, which is the team’s most “clutch” player. He also earned a spot on the All-Region and All-Area team, concluding his senior campaign. Tomaz does everything well on the court, averaging 9 points, 5 rebounds and over 5 assist per game. In addition to his stats, he is a very good defender and has the ability to create turnovers and extra possessions for his team. He is also a great leader and has a passion for getting his teammates involved and making them better.

Specific Stats & Achievements:











*2nd Team All-Region (2014-2015)

*All-Area Team (2014-2015)

*Team Captain

*3 year Varsity Starter



Handles the Ball Well


Vision/Great Passer


Getting Teammates Involved


Highlight Tape:

Coming Soon #PRO



The most attractive feature of Tomaz is he makes his teammates better, which will translate to the college level well. Tomaz is a team first player who would rather get an assist than score.  Although, a capable scorer, Tomaz is a pass first point guard who knows how to get everyone involved and playing with maximum effort. He is a well-rounded player who does everything well and can mold his game to what the team needs. His unselfishness is admirable and makes him a great teammate and player to have in the locker room. Tomaz would be a great addition to any roster and would improve any team he is a part of. He will continue to improve due to his impeccable work ethic and passion for the game.