Sam Lopez




Sam Lopez is a strong wing with tremendous upside. At a solid 6’1 frame, he’s still growing and has a few inches left to go. Sam has developed over the years on the AAU circuit and continues to get better each season. He is known for being a hard-nosed defender and a very fundamental basketball player. The well-rounded wing does not over look any aspect of the game and prides himself on doing all the “little things” to help his team win. Setting solid screens, boxing out, taking charges and diving on the floor for loose balls. As Sam gets older, his game has continued to develop and improve, from an offensive stand point. With his will and dedication to get better, we expect Sam to develop into a solid collegiate prospect, at some level. 





Highlight Tape:


Junior Season:

Sam has the potential to help a college team in his future. He adds value to roster for multiple reason. His work ethic and passion for the game is going to lead into his transformation as a prospect over the next two years. Sam has a few showcases coming up this fall with CoachHemi.Com and where he will be competing against some of the top talent in the southeast. Those recaps will be posted here, on his #PROMovementPage as well.