Rayven Patin


 Rayven Patin is a very special player from New Orleans, Louisiana. The 5’6″ point guard has been one of the most dominate players in the state for the past few seasons. After her junior year, Rayven was selected to the 2nd-team USA-Today Louisiana in 2017. The lightening quick PG also caught the eye of a ESPN scout, which led to Rayven being ranked as a 3-Star recruit, with a Scouts Grade of 89. Rayven’s superior ball handling & ability to get to the rim is the first thing that may catch your eye. However, what we do not see is the time she spends in the gym working on her game. Rayven is a “gym rat” with an obsessive work ethic, that has led to her evolving into one of the top prospects in the Southeast. 






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Rayven is an impact player at the college level. The lightening quick PG makes her teammates better & has the ability to take a program to the next level. The passion & fire she plays with is contagious, as she is her toughest critic. She is constantly in the gym honing her craft. While most players workout with their team once a day, Rayven is in the gym at least two times a day. Her obsessive mentality towards improving her game is what separates her from her competition. As Rayven has proven to be one of the top players in the southeast & the #PROMovement staff believe she has the potential to be one of the top players in any college conference she ends up in. Look for Rayven Patin to explode this year on the recruiting circuit…