Raven Boswell

Raven Boswell


Narrative Summary:

Raven has been starting on Varsity since her freshman season and has steadily improved with each year. She has molded her game each season depending on the needs of the team and what was asked of her. Raven is not only one of the best rebounders in the region, but in the state of Georgia. Averaging over 10 rebounds a game, Raven has proven to be a dominant force on the glass. Her relentless attitude to go get every rebound created multiple second chance opportunities for her team throughout the course of the season. Her teammates and coaches speak highly of her because of the heart and passion she plays with each and every day.


Specific Stats & Achievements:











Outstanding Rebounder

Excellent Outlet Passer

Strong/Physical Post Presence


Driving to the Basket


Defensive Ability


Highlight Tape:



Raven has a bright future at the next level. She will improve a team’s rebounding statistics greatly and create extra opportunities for her team, on the offensive glass. She is also the ultimate team player, who is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team. Raven will do what is needed for the team to succeed and excel in what is asked of her. Being a great leader is another quality that Raven will bring to a team. Whether vocal or leading by example, Raven will affect the game in more ways than a “box score” can show.