#PRO #KyleSandy Connection

What is the #PRO #KyleSandy Connection?

The #PRO #KyleSandy Connection is prospect placement program designed specifically for Georgia prospects. The talent and ability is there! Unfortunately, the lack of player visibility & exposure (to college coaches of all levels) is the issue a lot of Georgia prospects have to overcome. With the #PRO #KyleSandy Connection prospects are put on a national platform and awarded the ability to be seen by college coaches across the country. 

Why Invest in the #PRO #KyleSandy Connection?

Connections: The #PRO #KyleSandy Connection has connections with college coaches throughout the country, at every level. Having connections and knowing the right people can be the difference in being offered that scholarship and going unsigned.

Platform: #PRO #KyleSandy Connection has a proactive platform for prospects to be seen and promoted, developing an audience of college coaches, scouts and recruiting professionals that check our websites daily for prospect content, updates and information. Hundreds of coaches reach out, contact or check our content for talented prospects.

Contacting Coaches: What separates us? We reach out to college coaches directly for our players. Utilizing our connections, platform & player marketing strategies, the #PRO #KyleSandy Connection puts Georgia prospects to BE SEEN & CONNECTED with college coaches throughout the nation. 

#PRO #KyleSandy Connection Mission:

Putting Georgia student athletes in a position to be seen, consistently, by college coaches throughout the country.

Join the #PRO #KyleSandy Connection Today!

✔️Consistent Prospect Posts

✔️Proactive Prospect Marketing

✔️Recruitment Strategy

✔️Free entry into #PRO Showcases

✔️Program Lasts for 1 Calendar Year. 50% Off for Program Renewal

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