Player Evaluations

At PRO Movement Basketball, we respect the art of basketball and realize that most of us spend years perfecting our craft. However, most players need guidance on taking the next steps to get to the next level. That is what we do! 

PRO Movement Basketball provides honest, Player Evaluations that identify a player’s strengths and most importantly, areas of improvement for player development. The sole purpose of a Player Evaluation is to provide the player with guidance on improving his/her overall game and help each player reach his/her potential.

Our goal is to help mold well-rounded basketball players that will be ready to make the transition to the collegiate level. So, whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in high school, PRO Movement can provide an unbiased evaluation to identify  the area of improvements needed to give the player a competitive advantage.


The Bottom Line:

Our Player Evaluation will tell you exactly what you need to work on to transform into a college ready basketball player and get you noticed by the coaches.


*Your Evaluation will also be posted on our website (which college coaches visit daily to find information on prospects across the nation). 

Player Evaluations are available for ALL HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS. It is advisable for younger players to take advantage of this opportunity in the early stages of their career to get ahead of the competition.

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