Nizarre Thompson



 Nizarre Thompson is a long athlete that can flat out shoot the ball. Standing 6’2″, Thompson has developed a reputation for shooting the 3pt shot with a sniper’s accuracy & with exceptional range. Thompson played a key role in Colquitt County High School’s success as a junior. The Packers had many scoring weapons last season & he was used to spread the floor and knockdown big shots. Thompson was a part of Colquitt County having one of the best seasons in school history & making it to the Sweet 16 last season. Heading into his senior season, the #PROMovement staff expects Thompson to prove he is one of the top shooters in the state & help lead the Packers back to a deep state tournament playoff run. 



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Nizarre Thompson will be a integral piece to any college roster. He can score in various ways but his shooting ability is just off the charts. He can consistently make 3pt shots from well beyond the arc. Every college basketball team needs a consistent player capable of spreading the floor & knocking down big shots, Nizarre is that player. Thompson also has a team 1st attitude and one priority on the court; winning. He will do whatever is asked of him by his coach for his team to win basketball games.