#PRO Media Blitz

What Has Happened to Shift The Recruiting Industry?

Recently, the NCAA made some changes to the recruiting rulebook & calendar that directly impact the likelihood of student players obtaining basketball scholarships. After the FBI investigation that exposed the corruption throughout industry, the NCAA opted to “minimize the leverage of harmful outside influences” on high school recruits. Athletes will now be encouraged to play for their high school teams during the summer, not their AAU teams.

Since the NCAA altered their recruiting calendar and eliminated many evaluation periods, this leaves many players without a platform or outlet to be recognized by college coaches. Therefore, many talented under the radar prospects are going to go unseen, and most likely, not get recruited. Thousands of prospects each year relied on these grassroots/AAU events to gain exposure and receive scholarship offers. College coaches are rarely in high school gyms to recruit prospects, due to their hectic in-season schedule.

Now, is a crucial time for high school coaches to equip themselves with the resources & connections to ensure their student-athletes receive the necessary exposure throughout the calendar year.

What is a #PRO Media Blitz?

#PRO Media Blitz: Top tier online marketing plan that provides consistent awareness for your  players throughout the recruiting year. It fills the gap created by changes in the recruiting process by providing a platform for prospects to be recognized by college coaches who are interested in their talent.

Why Invest in a #PRO Media Blitz?

Connections: The #PRO Movement team has connections with college coaches throughout the country, at every level. We’ve placed players at NCAA (D1, D2 & D3), NJCAA, NAIA, NCCAA & USCAA institutions. We’ve all heard the saying; “It’s not what you know, rather, who you know”. Having connections and knowing the right people can be the difference in your players being offered that scholarship and going unsigned.

Platform: Over the years, #PRO Movement has developed an audience of college coaches, scouts and recruiting professionals that check our website daily for prospect content, updates and information. In this era of recruiting, 95% of initial recruiting is done on a computer. Our consistent online marketing strategy is what separates us from the market. Providing #RelevantExposure through constant team and player awareness is our specialty.

Player & Program Awareness: No program or player is the same. Generic recruiting databases, email blasts and cold calling coaches will not be successful in this era of recruiting. Players need an active, consistent platform that showcases their talents & abilities to college coaches.

Under The Radar Prospects: #PRO provides the “under the radar” prospects on your team the #RelevantExposure needed to get to the next level. Many prospects/parents prefer to roll the dice at different showcases & camps with hopes of getting recruited and obtaining an offer. However, the majority of prospects that attend these showcases still fall through the cracks because they are not playing in front of the right coaches.

Prospects With Offers: Does a player on your roster already have an offer? No problem! Why not increase their visibility with other college coaches and maximize their recruiting options? This will ensure the student-athlete has the options to make the best decision for their future!

Media Blitz Package Prices:

-Player Updates Throughout Recruiting Year

-Marketing & Promotion Via Social Media Channels

-Bi-Weekly Player Awareness Posts

-Be seen by college coaches throughout the country

Media Blitz Packages:

1 Player Package

2 Player Package

3 Player Package

 5 Player Package

8 Player Package

Closing Remarks:

Recruiting has always been a tough task to tackle, especially if you are fighting the battle alone with limited resources. Working with #PRO Movement assures you of having trustworthy, knowledgeable professionals on your side. The #PRO Media Blitz is solely created to increase the player’s exposure year-round. With the changes to the NCAA rules and calendar, families have to find a way to connect with college coaches. The #PRO Media Blitz  will give student-athletes the platform to be seen by college coaches, at all levels. Work with us and we will increase your  visibility and take your recruitment to the next level!