Jude Ayopo Esan

Jude Ayopo Esan


Narrative Summary:

Jude has had quite an impressive basketball career overseas, in London, England and has proven to be an excellent addition to any team he plays on. At Hackney Community College (Our Equivalent To High School), Jude was a dominant, powerful force on both sides of the court. Whether it’s going for every rebound in a relentless fashion or contesting every shot in the paint, Jude plays with maximum effort every night. With soft hands around the basket, Jude is able to finish very well in traffic. Jude has also showed the potential to put the ball on the floor and attack the defense efficiently, as well as hit the outside mid-jumper when needed. The energy and passion Jude plays with inspires and motivates his teammates and coaches. Jude is high character young man who has the drive and work ethic needed to transition into a collegiate athlete.                                                                                                                                                           

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Jude has a tremendous upside at the college level. Playing in London gave him the opportunity to play against top talent and helped groom him into the player he is today. What Jude has that will continue to drive him to reach his potential is the desire to play college basketball in America. This is why he works extremely hard and takes nothing for granted. Since he was a young child, Jude had goals of playing college basketball in the states, which inspires him to give it his all every time he touches the court. Jude has a strong frame and natural instincts you cannot teach. At the college level, he will definitely develop into a great player and will only improve his overall game, making him a force on both ends of the court.