Josh Beckham

Joshua Beckham is a 205 pound versatile prospect that has the ability to play inside the paint and stretch the floor with his perimeter shooting. Head Coach Brett Hereth (The King’s Academy) is expecting Beckham’s production to increase this season, as the expectation and opportunities have risen. Beckham is a 2020 State Champion and NACA National Champion. The #PRO Movement staff project Beckham heads into the season and really earns the attention of college coaches throughout the southeast.

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Joshua Beckham is going to provide excellent depth to a collegiate program’s front court. Gaining 20lbs of muscle during the offseason, Beckham’s body has evolved to assist him with the transition to the collegiate level. At 6’5, Beckham is a very versatile defender. His combination of lateral quickness, size & athletic ability enables him to guard wing and post positions effectively. Beckham is a high character student-athlete that you will be able to trust on and off the court. Currently, Beckham is holding a 3.7 GPA, paired with a 1090 SAT.