Joris Biemans

Joris Biemans

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Joris is a pass first point guard, from Holland, that attended Prep School in North Carolina this past season. He is a solid 6’0 point guard that weighs 190lbs. He is a natural born leader that has  a gift for creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. Averaging nearly nine assists per game, Joris knows how to find his shooters in transition and attack the rim and kick it out to the open man. Joris is a coach on the court and a excellent floor general. His goal is to get his teammates going and have the offense running as a well oiled machine. With a high basketball IQ, you know Joris will always make the right play at the right time. 


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-Dutch National Team U18 Reserve Player

-Dutch National Team Champion U18 (2013)


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Joris will be an excellent college player. He has good size for the point guard position and is an extremely smart basketball player. There is nothing better than having a trustworthy and reliable point guard on your roster to lead your team every night. Pure point guards are hard to come by in today’s era of basketball. The PRO Movement staff predicts Joris to have a great career at the next level and continue to improve and develop his game.  Joris is a player you want on your roster that will definitely make your team better. Joris also scored a 1400 on his SAT.