David Swillum



6’3 David Swillum has proven to be one of the most dependable and consistent players within the very competitive Fulton County. Year over year, David continues to put the extra hours in the gym, which has been the #1 reason he is the player he is today. What makes David so rare is that he is a jack of all trades. He is not a one-dimensional player that just brings one skill to the table. He can knockdown the three, attack and finish at the rim & play solid defense. Most importantly, David always plays with 100% effort and never takes a play off. Bottom line, David is going to out work you. His passion for the game and drive to get better is what differentiates himself from his competition. As a junior, David was one of the top performers and leaders for Alpahretta High School. Heading into 2017, David is on a mission and will be one of the top players in the region, expect to hear his name quite a bit this season…




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David has the potential to be a very good college player. He is going to be one of the hardest working players on your team and push his teammates. His best trait may be the fact he is a two way player. He does not take possessions off on the defensive end of the court. He plays the game with high energy and passion. As David continues to improve on his game he is also going to become an even bigger offensive threat. Also, David is one of the top rebounding guards in the area. The other side of this coin, however, is the fact David is also a good student that takes pride in his academics. With a 3.25 GPA David has proven to be a dual threat in the classroom and on the court.dual threat in the classroom and on the court David is on pace to have a break-out senior season and college coaches need to be paying attention to him now…