CJ Herbert




CJ Herbert is a 6’2 wing that has consistently shown improvement in his game year over year. Herbert is a hard nosed competitor that is willing to do whatever it takes for his team to win basketball games. He is not afraid to sacrifice his body and is known to lead his team in charges taken each year. While CJ may not lead his team in scoring every night, he does do all the little things it takes to win basketball games. Players like CJ often get overlooked due to the fact he is not leading the team in scoring, assists or rebounding. In reality, CJ Herbert will is a hidden gem that will be very valuable at the collegiate level. CJ has an exceptionally high basketball IQ, understands his role, unselfish and is the ultimate teammate. Every team needs a CJ Herbert on their roster…


CoachHemi.Com Says:

“Herbert is a well built guard who moves well without the basketball. His solid skill set and fundamentals allow him to make the right play at the right time. Although a perimeter player, Herbert also showed a willingness to crash the glass. He demonstrated a quick second jump to out quick his opponents.”

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CJ Herbert is going to be an excellent addition to a college roster next year. He offers a program much more than  stat sheet can show. With his solid fundamental skill set and his dedication to continuously improve his game, CJ’s best basketball is definitely in front of him. We recommend college coaches take a serious look into the value CJ Herbert will add to your program. CJ is also an excellent student and currently holds a 3.8 GPA.