Brennan Buchanan

Brennan Buchanan is a long combo guard from (Riverside HS) Avon, Mississippi. Standing 6’2″, Buchanan has a very versatile skill set that allows him to affect the game in multiple ways. A high IQ basketball player with the ability to pass & make shots from every level on the floor is dangerous. Play after play, Brennan has proven to consistently make the right basketball play. With the ability to shoot the 3 & attack the rim, Brennan also has a very attractive mid range game. Rather utilizing the mid range jumper or a floater over the defense, Brennan is very effective in the mid range area on the court. However, what the #PROMovement staff like the most about Brennan’s game is his ability to create, particularity, creating opportunities for his teammates by passing the ball. Brennan is a very unselfish player who loves to make the right basketball play & win games!

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Brennan Buchanan has the potential to be a very good collegiate prospect. In Brennan, you understand the value he has a prospect on the floor. However, you also are acquiring a high character young man that will add value to your roster & school community. Academics are also very important to Brennan. Currently, Brennan holds a 3.2 GPA, with a 23 ACT. Brennan will pursue a degree in Biology, Education or Ministry.