Ayanna Wimbush

Ayanna Wimbush


Narrative Summary:

Ayanna is a feisty wing with an exceptional work ethic. She dedicates much of her time in the gym practicing and improving her game. Ayanna displays excellent basketball IQ and court vision. Standing at 5’7″, she has proven to be a solid scoring option and a good rebounder. Ayanna is very versatile and can play both wing positions; she’s also proven to be very effective in the post also. Averaging over 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists, Ayanna definitely makes her presence     felt on the court in various ways. During her senior season, she received 2nd Team All-Region honors and Senior All-Star selection for her county.  Ayanna has become a great leader for Alcovy High school on the court and off the court. She currently has a 3.5 GPA and 19 on the ACT.

Specific Stats & Achievements:











*2nd Team All-Region (2014-2015)

*2014-2015 Senior All-Star Selection (Newton County/Rockdale County)

*Team Captain


Basketball IQ
Excellent Work Ethic
Court Vision
“Gym Rat”


 Highlight Tape:



Ayanna’s future at the collegiate level is bright because of her versatility; she can play 3 of the 5 positions on the floor. What is more special about Ayanna is she does not perform one thing great, rather she is very solid is every aspect of the game. Whether it’s scoring, rebounding or getting her teammates involved, Ayanna can do whatever is needed for the team. She always makes the right read on the court, which speaks on her high basketball IQ. Ayanna’s most attractive feature is definitely her work ethic, which will translate well to the college level. You can attribute her steady improvement to the countless hours she spends in the gym honing her craft. Ayanna will be a great student-athlete because the work she does on the court is not overshadowed by the work she does in the classroom.